4-4         "DO NOT SOLICIT" LIST.

Editor's Note: At the direction of the Borough, with Supp. No. 9, the Do Not Solicit List regulations were moved to Section 4-4 from Section 4-19.
 4-4.1        Definitions.
       All definitions as set out in Sections 4-2 and 4-3 of this section shall apply to this section. (Ord. No. 2-2015)
 4-4.2        Registration of Property.
       Any person or entity who owns or rents property within the Borough may register such property to be included on the "Do Not Solicit" List by registering through the Borough Clerk's office. (Ord. No. 2-2015)
 4-4.3        Maintenance of List.
       Maintenance of the "Do Not Solicit" List shall be as follows:
       a.     The "Do Not Solicit" List shall be maintained by the Borough Clerk. The list shall be available through the official Borough website.
       b.     The "Do Not Solicit" List shall consist solely of property addresses and shall include no further identifying information concerning the ownership of each property.
       c.     The Tax Assessor shall notify the Borough Clerk of any change in ownership of property within the Borough. The Borough Clerk shall remove from the "Do Not Solicit" List any property which has changed ownership.
       d.     Other than by sale of property, a property, once listed, may only be removed from the list by submitting a written, sworn and notarized request, sent to the Borough Clerk.
(Ord. No. 2-2015)