Environmental Commission

 The Roseland Environmental Commission presents:
Harrison Complex-19 Harrison Avenue,  Saturday, April 13, 2019
12:00pm to 4:00pm
Stop by to get a free tree! (Trees will not exceed 12" in height)

Roseland’s Environmental Commission Making Global Issues Local

 Roseland’s Environmental Commission had its kick off meeting this past week with an ambitious goal of tackling several global issues using  local solutions. Understanding that we are all connected together via the ecosystem the group is looking to make both large and small changes to how Roseland interacts with the environment in positive ways.

 You may start noticing odd looking wooden boxes in some wooded areas around town. These are bat boxes and the intent is to create a network of boxes, which can house up to 30 bats, throughout Roseland.

 While some people have an aversion to bats the Commission recognizes that the bat population is inextricably tied to the mosquito population. Mosquito's, via diseases such as West Nile Virus, present a great heath threat to people in New Jersey. The best way to tackle this health risk sustainably is to support the mosquito’s natural predator: the bat.

 The bat population have been steadily dying at an alarm rate which has increased since 2011. An unknown disease has wiped out the majority of brown bats in New Jersey which has allowed the mosquito population to grow uncheck other than via chemical spraying. The Commission sees the bat boxes as a proactive way to support the environment’s natural balance and order when it thrown askew.


Another issue being addressed by the committee is the declining bee population globally. This bamboo based bee house will increase the population of the non-stinging Mason Bee population which is currently threatened. The organization is going to partner with local Scout and Guide organization for placements in appropriate places around town.

Finally, the Commission is exploring its most ambitious initiative which is the feasibility of a community garden. The idea has been around for many years but Commission chairperson, Chris Duthie, has kicked off a quick study to bring a community based program that will both emphasize entrepreneurial spirit and community interaction with the environment.